Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Destination

Final Destination (2009) you suck! Most people have seen the older movies (what aren't there like 7?) about flight 180, and the roller coaster, and so on and so forth. Well those movies were stupid too, I will agree. However, once you see this movie you will think that those movies were amazing compared to it. Bobby Campo, Haley Webb, Shantel VanSanten, Nick Zano, what were you thinking?
Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo), Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten), Hunt Wynorski (Nick Zano), and Janet Cunningham (Haley Webb) are all at a racecar track and watching the race obviously. Well Nick has this premonition of a huge crash that will happen. Of course he freaks out and they all leave blah blah blah. I bet you can guess what happend. That's right the crash happens. Now all of you who have seen the older movies know how this goes, they beat death's list. So they all end up dying in a certain order. Well same here. Not only are the deaths completely unrealistic, but also he sees the visions and they are random objects. Yeah just random objects that KILL people. Sounds so cool I know! Hah! I will end this on a good note however. We all remember Nick Zano right? He played Vince on What I Like About You! And I will say he is as cute as ever :)

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